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Credit Card Holders

Below you will find an assorted selection of slim credit card holders and trendy card wallets from the best brands. Choose between classic styles made of leather or trendy hard case aluminium designs. Cardholders and card wallets are gaining popularity due to the slim design and practical use. 

Credit Card Holder vs Card Wallet

A Credit Card holder are designed to hold credit or debit cards, and travel/ oyster cards plus a few banknotes. The best card holder is designed to be as slim and compact as possible for practicality and safety. A typical card holder holds between 4 up to 10 cards.

Credit card wallets are slightly larger but offer more compartments for storage of cards.  A Credit card wallet is also the best solution for those who still want to keep some cash at hand. Card wallets usually hold between 6 to 12 cards, but we do have designs with up to 16 card slots.

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