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Money Clips

Money clip wallets and money clip

Our range of money clip wallets from top brands like Smart Money Clip, Dalvey, Troika, Ted Cole and more. This style has a metal clip that secures your cash and gives you very fast access to the money while paying the cashier for example. We got traditional dollars clip wallet  and more modern models with more storage for credit cards.

Keeping your cash in one convenient location can be very important, especially if you have to grab it quickly. Instead of needing to fumble about in a wallet or purse, a money clip provides easy access and, better yet, looks completely stylish while doing so. You still keep your notes inside a wallet if you want, but at least everything is kept together.

Money clips have been around for years and are still highly popular to this day - especially among men. A well-designed money clip can be really classy, adding an air of professionalism as well as being super handy. Check out our collection and get your money sorted neatly (and stylishly) with the range of money clips we have on offer.

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Money clips for him

Though women can use them, money clips are more often associated with men. In keeping with that, if you're looking for a men's wallet with money clip, you need to look no further. From standalone clips in various metals, leather money clips and even a money clip wallet, we have it all ensuring he'll never be without one. Our standard, no bells and whistles money clip comes in two different colours - black and silver. The clip offers a compact and safe way of keeping hold of cash. Better yet, it also has a section where you can stash credit cards or even business cards - whichever suits. This double-sided money clip is the perfect gift for any man!

Perfect design

Following on from this, all of our money clip card holders have a stream-lined design so that they can be tucked neatly into a wallet without causing any unsightly bulges! Equally, they can be tucked into a pocket without a wallet if you choose one of our more enclosed designs, which will also protect your money from getting crumpled. Most of our money clips come in professional colours such as black, grey, silver and brown. This means that they have a very classy vibe and look great when you pull it out to hand over your cash. The easy clip design means that your money won't tear when you slide it from the clip, provided you don't overfill it!

Clips with extra features

Some of our clips aren't just money clips - they have added features as well. One of them is a clip wallet - a real wallet with the clip attached to the back exterior. This means not only can you keep all your essentials in one place, but your money is easy to handle as well. What could be better? Another of our options is actually a card case. Again though, the money clip is attached to the back. We love it when things have double uses. We even have a cash carrier for those that only carry plastic - that's right, its a card clip to keep all those pesky cards in one convenient spot, ready and waiting to be handed over for payment.

In-wallet clips

Not everyone wants a standalone money clip. We have an in-wallet money clip that can be affixed around the centre of the wallet and clips in the centre of your cash. As you open your wallet, the cash folds outwards so that you can see each of the notes. This way they're also protected, but don't get lost.


It's important for a money clip holder to last. It's not good getting one only to discover the clip breaks after a few uses, or it gets scratched and looks unsightly. With that in mind, all of our clips are of high quality chromed metal or stainless steel, which can take a lot of rough handling while still looking absolutely great.

How much can it take?

Different clips can take various amounts of cash, so it's important not to overfill one if you don't want to break it. On average our money clips can take 30 bills with the addition of a few cards in the back. If you want more room, though, check out our double money clip that folds over the bills, giving extra space.

Find the perfect money clip

At the end of the day, for those who need some order in the chaos of their lives, a money clip is the way to go. This stylish accessory will put your head and shoulders above the rest. Plus, it simply looks good. Have a look through our collection today and pick out the perfect money clip!