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Pocket notebooks are one of the handiest things to have around. Small, compact and stylish, they're essential if you need to jot down a few quick ideas or make a few notes. Ever been out and about and seen an advert for something or been given a phone number and not had anywhere to write it down? A notebook does the trick!.

Our pocket notebooks come in a range of sizes, styles and colours which means you'll be able to purchase the perfect item. The flip notebooks we offer will suit anyone at any time and happen to be some of our best sellers. Because of their size, they have multiple uses, and can even be used as business card holders.

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Small, yet stylish

Small notepads and notebooks make the best notebooks as they're usually just A7-sized pocket notebooks that can actually fit into the pocket they are designed for. Most of our designs come with a handy elastic strap that keeps the book closed. This protects all the pages from getting ripped or falling out while the pocket notebook is carried around. We also offer a number of different colours, including blue, grey and red. The colours are perfect for those of you that need a notebook for a working environment. Of course, we know that some of you will prefer a little bit more fun, so there are pocket notebooks with fun slogans and even bright, glittery colours too, just to spice things up.

Where's the Pen?

We also understand the total frustration of not actually having a pen to hand when you need one. With that in mind, we offer a variety of options. If you're looking for a small notebook with pen, look no further, we have a complete set. The pens are attached to the notebook using a handy fastener so that it won't get lost. If you do get a notebook and pen, it should be noted that the pens we offer are all of high quality. They are all click pens so you won't find the pen marking anything in your bag whilst you move about. Handy in every way, you'll be able to jot down anything at a moments notice with any one of our pens.


We touched on the travel aspect a little earlier regarding the protective band for your pages. But, we should also point out that all the covers are made of sturdy materials that are more than capable of taking a little rough handling. The smooth covers are also scratch resistant, so they'll still look good even after a lot of heavy use. We've even got notebooks that are specifically designed for when you go travelling. These have an even sturdier cover - that of imitation leather. It's more of a folder than a notebook with sections for your tickets, thanks to the convenient business card holder located in the front of the book. There's even a metal clip to keep your receipts!

Lines of Blank?

Everyone has different uses for small notepads, and to that end, we offer notebooks with various lines inside. Most of our notebooks are filled with lined paper, though some have blank pages to cater to different uses. Any artists out there will find this style a very convenient option and great to take out and about on trips.

Running out of Space

What's even better about our notebooks is that you'll actually be able to keep using them for a long time. We offer refillable options, so you can add in more pages as and when you need. This is made possible by the convenient ring binding that is used to make the notebooks. Simply unclick, and add the extra pages!

A Little Extra

We always like to add a little extra to our notebooks, so you'll find that a number of them even have a 10cm ruler on the long side. How handy is that? The perforated sides by the ruler also mean that the notebook can flip completely open, reducing the chances of loose pages, and the loss of something important.

A Pocket Notebook Just for You

With a range of colours and styles available, we offer a great collection of pocket notebooks. Additional features such as the business card holder, embossed ruler and the ability to add pages, make our products must-haves for anyone in need of a small notebook. Have a look through our collection and grab the perfect item, be it for work or pleasure!