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RFID safe wallets, classy and card case styles.

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Increasingly advanced technology, but at the disposal of crooks and thieves, is endangering credit cards, payment cards, but also identity cards and electronic passports. The RFID / NFC (Radio Frequency Identification / Near Field Communication) tecnology which equips them is giving, in fact, an opportunity for data theft: an attacker has only to bring its smartphone close to a card for a split second to "make contact "with the card chip, and thus have access to sensitive data within it.

More and more urgent is the need to equip yourself with suitable protection systems as, in first instance, a wallet with anti-RFID protection technology, i.e. treated with conductive materials which are not "radiolucent" in order to prevent unlawful reading of data. The anti-RFID processing is now becoming an absolute requirement to protect your wallet.

We offers a wide range of wallets with anti-RFID treatment: you will find here models for both men and women, ready to satisfy all your needs of style, convenience and use. In this page you will find RFID wallets and RFID cardholders of any size: all products by the best brands specialized in anti-RFID shielding.