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Business card holders

Get a hold of a business card case

We have a whole range of exciting business card holders and cases to choose from. Whether you want stylish, fun or simply something practical, we've got something for you. All our cases are slim and durable and can be carried either in a pocket or a purse as the need requires. Check out our collection now and see what you can find.

Long-lasting durability

As the business card holder is designed to protect and carry about your business cards, it's likely to get a few knocks in the process. This means that it needs to be durable and long-lasting - you don't want to have to buy a new one every few months. All our cases are made from durable materials to prevent damage. Our hard cased business card holders are made of metal and come with convenient click-shut or magnetic fastenings so that the cards can't fall out. Our leather options are equally durable while offering a more malleable feel, ensuring that the surface won't get scratched and thus keeping your card case as pristine as the cards contained within its folds!

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11 Items

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For him

If you're looking for a business card holder for men, we amply have you covered. Sleek, simple and stylish is the aim of the game here, and that we have in spades. You can choose between a number of silver-coloured options, black embossed holders and even leather finished brown options. Each of these will go well with a smart suit and business attire. Generally, our collection is more along the simple lines. However, we do offer some stylish options that have a map of the world across the front. This adds a nice touch and elevates what could be a rather nondescript business card case. For those men out there who want to make a power move, a bold red case would be perfect!

For her

While men are easier to please, women are a little harder. If you're searching for a business card holder for women, we have got just the ones. Unlike the more serious options, we have a few colourful, artistic cases available. Bright and cheerful, colourful owls can brighten up anyone's day and elicit a happy response from the card's recipient. We also offer some less bright, but, nevertheless, interesting patterned cases which include simple black and white leaf designs as well as a more fun, newspaper cover. Of course, this isn't to say that women won't love some of our more simple designs and those silver or black ones we talked about, will go with anything, which can be handy too!

Being stylish

Style is everything, so despite the colours generally being similar across our collection, the designs are not. We know you'll want to stand out, so check out our unique letterbox style case that shows your name and business even when the case is closed! Available in a number of different colours, this is sure to catch the eye.

Size matters!

Not all our cases are created equal - when it comes to card capacity that is! A determining factor for which business card case to choose should be on how many cards you want to carry. Some of our cases can only hold around ten cards whilst others can stash twenty - think about if case size matters or multiple cards is more important.

A little more fun

There are some more entertaining options available too - no, it doesn't always have to be serious! Take a look at our stylish fold out leather business card holder. This delightful option holds just fifteen cards and is the smallest business card holder we have. Its novel folding out design means that the cards face up, perfect for grabbing and handing out!

The perfect business card holder

In any industry, having a business card is a must. However, carrying them about can be a pain, especially if they get bent, lost or even ripped. Business cards are there to give a good impression during networking, and this can fail if you hand over a crumpled card. That's where the business card holder comes in!

Similar to business cards, the holder itself can make an impression on the card recipient. Do you want to be austere and professional? Be a little more cheerful and laid back in your approach? Is the holder purely there to serve a function? Or is it about making an impact? These questions will determine your final choice, so let's see what we have!