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Greenburry vintage leather goods

Our company chose to sell Greenburry wallets because of the vintage style and originality of their products. They are focused on the use of natural and high-quality material, which is in this case leather. Due to the top quality of these items combined with the individual and very trendy look, the brand quickly found success and today stands for the lifestyle and first-class way of designing.

Handmade in Germany

The products are all made in Germany, since the company is headquartered in Kronach. New ideas and a large variety of new collections are successfully created and distributed worldwide.

Products from Greenburry stand for fairness in the production and for careful handling of the natural resources of our earth.

The production takes place in certified sites in India and Europe. There is no child labor and no social exploitation of employees. Greenburry employs about 150 workers in production, whose children are sponsored by the company with a school fee for better education. In addition, the principle that the oils and waxes used are biologically harmless applies to all offered Greenburry leather series. The products are constantly checked for harmful substances.