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Travel wallets

The best travel wallet money can buy!

When you go on holiday or a business trip, you need to make sure that all your important belongings are safe and sound. This is where a quality travel wallet comes in handy. Many people like to keep all their essential items such as cash or their passport in a rucksack or handbag, but that really isn't a good idea.

Pickpockets are highly skilled and can be in and out of your bag within seconds. Then, hours later, you finally realise that your money, bank cards, and passport are gone. A good travel wallet has enough space for your cash, your passport, and your bank cards and is slim enough to fit in your front pocket where it is harder to steal.

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Things to Consider When Purchasing a Travel Wallet

Storage capacity - This is the main thing that you should consider when making a final decision on what travel wallet to buy. You should be certain that the travel wallet in question will be able to fit your money, passport, bank cards, boarding passes, driving licence (if you are going to rent a car) and so on. Durability - Does it look like the travel pouch is of good quality and will last a while? Let's be honest, the last thing you want it to have to buy a new travel organiser wallet every time you are planning to go abroad. Visibility - When it is full of your items, will it be easy to conceal or stick out?

For Her

When it comes to buying a ladies travel wallet, we've got everything you need. Offering a range of options, we have stylish, colourful and compact options, all ready and waiting to be matched up to a lovely lady! One of our best is the aluminium quilted travel organiser wallet, which protects all documents inside a convenient zip-up case. We have a variety of other women's travel wallet organizer available. Some of these are in an elegant elongated form, perfect for stashing all those pesky aeroplane tickets. We even have a simple passport wallet that's perfect for the minimum when it comes to travel. A travel belt option is the last one and means you can hide your documents under your clothes.

For Him

In the men's travel wallet section, we also have a range of options. First and foremost though, they're simply stylish. One of our popular options is a black leather wallet that can hold all your documents (even passports) in a fold-out form. We also have those with zippers as well, which are black and stylish and ensure that nothing gets lost. For the man that likes his cars, many of our travel wallets are actually from well-known manufacturers. One of our best options is from Volkswagen and comes in stylish grey and blue with ten compartments. You might also love the connected choice that has space for all those pesky cables, plugs and other gadgets you'll need to carry on your travels.


As we touched upon, durability is highly important for a passport holder when it's going to be carried around a lot. With that in mind, our travel document wallet collection is made of highly durable materials such as polyester, leather and imitation leather. Not only does this make them long-lasting, but they're super stylish too - an excellent bonus!


Most of our travel wallets are long and rectangular in shape. However, we're aware that sometimes you want something a little more pocket-friendly. With that in mind, check out our colourful mini wallets that can stash cards, small tickets and even a camera or a mobile phone thanks to the durable, yet flexible rubber material it's made from.

Getting organised

All our travel wallets and travel purses come with numerous pockets of varying sizes so that you can keep all the items carefully organised. Our biggest ones have as many as ten different sections! They're all designed to prevent any of your documents from falling out, but if you want to be extra careful, get one with a zip.

Travel wallets

We offer all kinds of travel wallets, but all of them do the job well. From keeping your documents in one place, to preventing theft (the under the clothes travel pouch is ideal), we'll make sure that your holiday is manageable and organised. Whatever you're looking for in a passport and document holder, we're sure we have something to meet your needs.